Simply having one of our officers present is a great deterrent to negative situations. Perpetrators think twice about targeting a business using uniformed protection, whether armed or unarmed. Our professional officers are trained to look for suspicious activity, assess the circumstances and react to security breaches in an effective and professional manner. Adding an officer to your security protocol significantly increases the chance for success over just camera surveillance or a standard security system. It sends the message that you are serious about the security of your business!

Customer Service

Frequently, our security guards are also asked to be customer service ambassadors. A Hudson Security Solutions officer may man a front desk or act as to control access to an area as in a property guard gate, for example. Other responsibilities can include escorting people to cars, offering property information or assisting in directions. Hiring personable and courteous officers shows that your business or property is secure and relationship-oriented.

Handling Crime

Our security guards receive varying levels of training regarding active crime response. Depending on the "Scope of Work" and Client-approved protocol, our officers can simply take down details and contact the police or, in certain cases, detain suspects.  Whether you need and armed or unarmed guard, hiring a trained and licensed officer from Hudson Security Solutions, INC ensures that your officer behaves capably and sensibly when faced with a criminal situation.

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